Chin definition is a key feature of facial beauty, so it is no surprise that individuals in Toronto are interested in augmenting their chin. According to the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons, chin augmentation rates have risen 71% since 2010. The chin defines the neck and frames the entire face, and when the chin is under defined, the profile will look disproportionate. In fact, in Chinese “Face Reading”, a weak chin equates with a weak personality. 

The Cleft Chin or The Chin Dimple

Chin dimples are beautiful and very identifiable. Popular celebrities like John Travolta and Sandra Bullock are known and loved for their cleft chins. While a dimple in the chin can give the appearance of a chiseled face, not everyone who has a cleft in their chin feels satisfied with their appearance. Alternatively, some may be interested in emphasizing or creating a cleft in their chin.

How are Cleft Chins Formed?

Cleft chin’s are a dominant facial feature, meaning that if one parent has one, a child is more likely to have the same dominant trait. The chin dimple is linked to genetics. It is not a deformity. A cleft may form in one of three ways:

  • Skin may develop a split or indent due to the slight opening left in the bone of the lower jaw during some phase of development.
  • A dimple may form due to separation in the muscle tissue
  • A dimple may simply be a surface dimple.

Not every dimpled chin is present at birth. Some people do not begin to notice this trait until adolescence. 

Treatment Options for the Cleft Chin

Traditionally, a Plastic Surgeon would be able to shave down the chin bone to minimize the appearance of a cleft chin, or add an implant to define a chin. Our Dermatologists present a non-invasive solution to augmenting your chin.  The non-surgical chin augmentation is completely reversible, so it a nice option to explore before electing for surgery. 

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