Curious about Ultherapy?

Here’s why it might be perfect for you!

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is an innovative treatment that uses advanced ultrasound technology to naturally lift and tighten your skin. 

What does Ultherapy do?

Ultherapy is able to deliver a very precise amount of ultrasound energy to a specific depth, layer, and temperature deep beneath your skin’s surface. Collagen production is triggered as any weak collagen deposits are strengthened. The neck and chest area is smoother, and the skin on the face grows firmer and more lifted.

Why would I want Ultherapy?

Many of our patients appreciate that Ultherapy doesn’t require surgery or downtime. With Ultherapy technology, we’re able to reach the deeper layers of the skin typically accessed in cosmetic surgery without breaking the skin’s surface, effectively cutting the downtime to none. Ultherapy is a great option for patients looking for transformative change without undergoing surgery or injections. 

How long does Ultherapy last?

The results of Ultherapy begin to appear over 2-3 months as the process of building new collagen becomes apparent. Some patients say they notice results right away, but many patients are thrilled to see their before and after photos (check some out below!), as the change is so subtle over time, making it barely perceptible on a day to day basis. This process makes Ultherapy a fantastic option for patients who would like to make a change and freshen their appearance, without looking as though they have had anything done. The best part is that the results will continue to appear until collagen production slows down again and the natural aging process takes over again.

What kind of results can I expect from Ultherapy?

Expected results include firmer, smoother, lifted skin as well as reduced lines and wrinkles.

Where can I get Ultherapy?

At Derm on Bloor, we love meeting new Ultherapy patients. 

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