The dimpled chin is also known as “Peau D’Orange” or “Cobblestone Chin”.  Dimpling and puckering of the chin is very common, however most people don’t even realize it happens to them as it usually occurs when we are talking and being expressive.

How are Dimpled Chins Formed?

A dimpled chin may form from repeated contraction of the chin muscle during facial expressions. The mentalis muscle or the “pouting muscle” controls the up-and-down movement of the chin and lips to create a pout. You most likely contract this muscle many times a day and do not realize it. Each time we contract the muscle, a grove is created under the skin’s surface. Initially, a dimpled texture may only appear when lips are pursed together – known as a dynamic crease. Over time, these grooves may become permanent and turn into what are known as static lines – which are visible on the resting face. 

Treatment Options for the Dimpled Chin 

We have two treatment options to address chin dimples. These two treatment options may be used separately or in conjunction with each other. Experts at Dermatology on Bloor may opt to relax the mentalis muscle, preventing the strong contraction that causes dimpling of the chin, while still allowing full movement of the surrounding area. Once the skin on the chin has noticeable dimples or Peau d’orange when the muscle is relaxed, then a resurfacing laser treatment may be recommended.

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