How to Treat Acne Scars

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

If you’re worried about acne scarring and pigmentation from past acne, know that there are treatments available to effectively treat your scars. Whether you have indented (atrophic) scars, raised (hypertrophic) scars, or pigmentation, innovative treatment solutions use your body’s natural processes to promote cell turnover, target pigmentation and other useful tools. 

Why do I have acne scars?

Scars are the result of your body undergoing a natural healing process. The healthy wound healing process your body naturally activated in your body can result in remaining scar tissue, discolouration, or other visible factors. Active acne can damage the deeper layers of your skin or dermis. This is why it’s incredibly important not to poke or pop pimples when you have active acne. When the skin is damaged, collagen production is activated to heal the wound, and can result in a different skin texture as a result. Hypertrophic (raised) scars are often the result of an excess in connective tissue being created during the healing process.

What can I do about my acne scars?

The best way to shape a solution for your acne scarring is to see us for a consultation. We’ll examine your scars, get to know your skin, and acquaint ourselves with the specifics of your concerns. Then we can recommend an appropriate treatment solution that’s targeted to suit your needs and the kind of scarring you have.

Medical-grade skincare

Topical treatments with active ingredients may be part of a scarring solution. Active ingredients and vitamins like vitamin E can aid your skin’s natural processes and regenerate to help heal scars.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels help exfoliate the damaged, thickened skin on the surface of the skin to trigger collagen production and boost the skin’s natural healing processes for a healthy glow. This treatment can help smooth scars and create a more uniform, even appearance for your skin.


Our innovative microneedling treatment combines microneedling and RF (radiofrequency) energy to promote collagen and elastin production. Tiny needles channel radiofrequency waves into the skin to promote cell turnover, smoothing skin for smoother texture and a more even appearance.

Laser Treatment

Dual Wavelength Fractionated Laser Resurfacing  Treatment repairs skin texture and colour with multiple wavelengths that treat both deeper and surface concerns on the skin. Collagen remodeling allows for refined skin texture and tone. 


Soft Tissue Fillers allow us to restore lost volume to the skin, so fillers can be a suitable solution for indented scarring. Hyaluronic acid fillers restore volume, enhance collagen production, and restore hydration to the skin.

Wondering what solution is right for your acne scarring? We’re here to help. Book a consultation with us and let’s get started.