Rhinophyma is a form of rosacea (an inflammatory skin disease) that causes the nose to appear red and bulbous. Symptoms of this skin disorder often include knobby bumps on the nose, discolouration and enlarged pores. In the beginning, patients may notice thickened skin and consistent redness; but as signs progress, the skin may become yellow and waxy. The nose changes shape and grows as symptoms worsen.

The traditional stigma surrounding this skin condition can be frustrating for patients. A common misconception about rhinophyma is that it is linked to alcohol consumption. It is possible for alcohol or caffeine to aggravate symptoms, but rhinophyma is unrelated to drinking. Men are more susceptible to rhinophyma. Other potential risk factors include middle-age, family history, and fair skin.

Rhinophyma is typically diagnosed by a doctor and treated with antibiotics and retinoids, but doesn’t always respond to the same treatments that other types of rosacea do.

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