Tired of inconvenient leaks?

BTL Emsella™ can give you back control.

Frustrated with Urinary Incontinence? 
You and us both! It’s funny how the things we feel the most embarrassed by are often the ones we all experience. You know how it is – one moment you’re laughing at a joke, and the next you’re feeling self-conscious. Urinary leakage can distract us from the moments we most want to enjoy.

Tired of inconvenient leaks?
Soon you can jump for joy! BTL Emsella™ could help you regain control over your pelvic floor and bladder muscles so that worrisome leaks are a thing of the past. This unique solution uses innovative technology to give you control over leaks without surgery, injections, or invasive therapies.

How does BTL Emsella™ work?
Have you heard of Kegels? Emsella builds similar muscles, doing the equivalent of thousands of Kegels to make muscles stronger and more defined. This treatment uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate thousands of tiny contractions in your pelvic floor and bladder muscles. You can regain control by building strength in the muscles that stop unwanted leaks. 

What does BTL Emsella™ treatment feel like?
Clients love this treatment because it’s non-invasive and isn’t painful. You will sense your muscles contracting and may experience some tingling sensations. All you’ll need to do during BTL Emsella™ treatment is sit on the treatment chair, fully clothed. As one patient says, “I just sit here in my blue jeans and read a book!” Easy.

BTL Emsella™ only takes about 30 minutes.
Appointments are easily scheduled for a lunch break or after work. Multiple sessions are generally recommended, but our specialists will tailor treatment plans to your individual needs. 

Book a complimentary consultation today! We’d love to build a treatment plan so you can stop worrying about leaks and start loving life!