CoolSculpting comes to Toronto!

This new fat-freezing treatment is pretty cool.

We’ve seen many of our Toronto patients struggle with pockets of fat that won’t go away – even when they’re exercising and eating well! Stubborn fat can be frustrating to deal with, and that’s why we’re excited to offer CoolSculpting® treatments.

CoolSculpting is an innovative solution for fat that won’t budge. It’s a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that uses fat-freezing technology to get rid of fat for good. We love seeing patients walk out of our Toronto clinic feeling confident after their CoolSculpting treatments.

How it works

Fat cells don’t like the cold – and if they get cold enough, they’ll freeze. Once fat cells freeze or crystallize, the body knows they aren’t useful and naturally eliminates the dead cells. During the session the freezing takes place and fat cells melt away over the 2-6 months following your CoolSculpting session.

Do I have to book time off work?

CoolSculpting treatment sessions require zero downtime and last 30-60 minutes depending on the size and number of areas treated. Many patients come into our Toronto location for a CoolSculpting session and head right back to work afterwards. CoolSculpting is quick, effective, and fits easily into your schedule.

What it treats

CoolSculpting can be used on many parts of the body, including the thighs, tummy, bra area, the back, and around the gluteal area. It can also address a double chin and smaller areas of concern. 

How does it feel?

As the treatment begins, you’ll notice intense cold and feel some pulling. Within a few minutes, most people find the area goes numb. Some patients read, watch a show, or answer emails during their CoolSculpting sessions. After the session some of our patients notice a tingly feeling as the area is massaged.

It is right for you?

This treatment is ideal for individuals who are already living a healthy and active lifestyle; as CoolSculpting addresses bulges or fat deposits that are difficult to address with exercise. We’d love to meet with you at our Toronto clinic to discuss CoolSculpting, how it fits into your lifestyle, and what it could do for you. 


CoolSculpting patients can expect up to a 20-25% reduction in the thickness of fat layers after just one session! Results continue to appear months after treatment as the body naturally sheds fat cells. 

Make an appointment at Dermatology on Bloor in Toronto and see how CoolSculpting could benefit you!