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The effectiveness of Cryolipolysis is based on the proven fact that fat freezes at a higher temperature than other tissues. This controlled cooling device targets a specific area and crystallizes the fat beneath the skin (without any harm to the surrounding tissue). In 1-3 months, the cells are harmlessly eliminated by the body’s natural processes. Adults do not produce new fat cells, so once they are destroyed by Cryolipolysis, they are gone for good

At your consultation, the physician will determine if you are a good candidate; most people are, since Cryolipolysis is nonsurgical and drug-free. A treatment plan is designed to address your specific areas of concern. At your treatment, a panel size is selected for your unique body shape you will be marked appropriately as per the treatment plan. Pressure is felt as the vacuum begins and the flesh is pulled into the panel, followed by a sensation of intense cold, which dissipates quickly. Each panel takes 35 minutes, so treatment time varies depending on the treatment plan. After treatment, there may be some numbness, pinkness, or other mild side effects, but they resolve quickly. Results are seen between 1-3 months and continue to improve for up to six months.

At Dermatology on Bloor we have great success in treating the following areas of excess fat: Double Chin, Bra Fat, Upper Arms, Love Handles, Abdominal Fat, Inner Thighs, Outer Thighs, and Banana Rolls!

Cryolipolysis addresses the following concerns: