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Laser Hair Removal offers long term reduction in hair growth anywhere on the face or body. The laser works because it is attracted to the pigment in the hair follicle, emitting energy into the hair and damaging the root where the hair grows from. Within 2-3 weeks after the treatment the hair will fall out, never to return. The laser is only effective at damaging the root of the hairs in the ACTIVE GROWTH phase of the cycle, and at any given time that could mean about 10%-20% of the hair in a given area. This is the reason that 6-8 sessions are required 6-8 weeks apart. Committing to a schedule if very important to ensure that all the hair in an area are targeted at the right time. Occasionally, there will be a few hairs resistant to the laser, and maintenance treatments may be required.

The treatments are brief and quite comfortable. While the laser passes through the skin to reach the hair follicle, the device cools the surface skin at the same time for maximum patient comfort.

Why Choose Dermatology on Bloor for Laser Hair Removal?

Dermatology on Bloor offers 3 premium laser hair removal systems, allowing our expert technicians to treat any skin type, and hair thickness, and most hair colours (the laser cannot treat white/grey hair as there is no pigment in it). We are also able to treat very small areas, such as the upper lip, and just as effectively target larger areas such as the legs, back, or chest.

Laser Hair Removal is able to address the following concerns: