Hair is produced in a sac-like structure called a follicle and has a life cycle in three phases: Anagen (the active growth phase), Catagene (the resting phase) and the Telogene (the rejuvenation phase). During the anagen phase, cells in the root of the hair divide rapidly. As new hair is formed, it pushes dormant hair up and out of the follicle. Hair on the arms, legs, eyelashes, eyebrows and other areas is generally much shorter than scalp hair because the growth phase is significantly shorter. 

Unwanted hair is known as “hirsutism.” In most cases, excess hair is hereditary and is more prominent in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and South Asian populations. It can also have a medical cause; conditions such as diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, hormonal fluctuations during menopause or thyroid conditions may be associated with hirsutism. 

Once of the first permanent solutions offered was electrolysis. Electrolysis uses a needle to administer an electrical charge into each individual hair follicle. While an effective process, it tends to be painful and very time consuming.

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