Part Two: The Best Treatment Solutions for Thinning Lips!

What’s the best treatment solution for thinning lips?

If you missed the first installment of our blog series, take a look at it here. Our first blog is a great place to learn about why your lips are thinning, and to learn about simple steps you can take at home– to protect and preserve your lips for a refreshed appearance. Now that we’ve taken a look at at-home prevention and treatment, let’s look at solutions to give your lips a boost. In this article, we’ll explore lip fillers as a treatment option for thinning lips.

Will my lip treatment look natural?

By choosing an expert injector you can expect subtle, natural results for a refreshed and kissable pout. Leave duck lips at the door! Choose a clinic with experienced practitioners who understand the nuances and unique difference between each individual’s facial symmetry. Let’s explore how lip fillers can enhance your lips while honouring the natural balance of your face.

Soft Tissue Fillers for Thinning Lips

Soft Tissue Fillers are a safe, injectable solution that bring new fullness to your lips. Dermal Fillers are administered by one of our skilled dermatologists in the clinic with patient safety and comfort at the forefront of each treatment.

Benefits of Lip Fillers

  • Treatments fit easily into a busy schedule. A lip filler treatment doesn’t take long and most injectable treatments can be done in less than an hour.
  • An improved aesthetic. Lip fillers allow you to enhance your lips with beautiful, natural results and fresh volume.
  • Hydrating treatment. Soft tissue fillers with hyaluronic acid restore moisture. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in your skin and provides hydration, volume and structure to delicate lip tissue. 
  • Results continue after treatment. While results are visible soon after treatment, hyaluronic acid also increases collagen production for results that continue to appear in the weeks following your injectable treatment.
Lip fillers can be an effective way to add natural-looking volume to your lips for a more full, plump look.

Explore more non-invasive solutions for your dream aesthetic

Wondering about other treatments to restore lost volume for a natural, beautiful look? Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our expert cosmetic dermatologists to determine which treatment or combination of treatments might be right for you.