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Are you a fan of our skin treatments and aesthetic procedures at Derm on Bloor? Let’s face it- we have incredible transforming treatments for your chest and neck as well!

Why not focus on rejuvenating and refreshing the appearance of your neck and chest this autumn? Interested in the treatments and products that provide youthful, refreshing solutions for all of your concerns and skincare goals? Read on! 

As we age, the skin on our neck and chest is increasingly vulnerable to sun damage and may begin to show signs of aging like laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, uneven skin texture, and more. 

Great products refresh and renew.

At Derm on Bloor we have experience with every kind of complexion and skin concern- so we love partnering with you to build a skincare strategy that is perfect for you! Come in for a consultation and we’ll explore the best products for your skin. 

One of our current favourites is NEOCUTIS Micro Firm Neck & Décolleté Tightening Cream; an innovative product that sparks collagen production to transform the neck elasticity, wrinkles, and skin laxity that many of us experience as we age. 

Protect your neck!

We put so much time and effort into looking after our faces, but it’s more important than ever to protect your neck and chest every day. As you age, you may begin to notice hyperpigmentation (when an area of skin is darker than the surrounding skin), skin laxity and other signs of sun aging developing on your delicate chest skin. We recommend ensuring that you are protecting your skin on multiple fronts. A high-grade Vitamin C product can help with environmental damage for not only your face but your neck and chest as well, while a high-grade sunscreen can help to reduce the instance of hyperpigmentation and protect your neck and chest from future damage. If you are of a skintone that develops freckles, your skin is likely less naturally inclined to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays- so you’ll need to be additionally cautious. 

> For daily protection, we love SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic- this advanced serum offers protection from environmental factors and free radicals. It also brightens your complexion as it works to eliminate wrinkles and enhance your skin’s firmness. >Incorporating a sunscreen with UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection into your skincare routine application after your serums is a vital step in protecting your skin.

Are you already noticing damage on your neck and chest? You’ll love these more in-depth solutions:

>Limelight Intense Pulsed Light (Limelight IPL) is a photofacial which renews skin from deep within. Varying wavelengths of light discard dead skin cells, stimulating collagen production and sparking the growth of healthy new cells. 

>Chemical Peels are the facial equivalent of a total home makeover. Skilfully applied layers of a transforming chemical compound work away at damaged skin, firming skin as they slough away the dead skin on the surface. New collagen production allows for elasticity, smoothness, and an undeniable glow.

My skin is great, but what about my neck bands?

Did you think you were the only one? Neck bands are vertical bands running up your neck from the chest up towards the jaw. The muscle tissue causing these bands is called the “platysma.” When this muscle is continually contracted (when you clench your jaw or make a funny face), the bands are more noticeable. These bands also reveal themselves more with age. 

What can be done about neck bands?

There are many solutions that tighten and firm neck tissue- enhancing a refreshed, more youthful appearance.

>Neuromodulators can be an effective solution for neck bands. They temporarily relax the muscles causing wrinkles or prominent muscles- so one injection can make a big difference.

>Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to tighten and lift lax skin- it can be absolutely transformative when applied to the neck or lax facial skin. 

Are you more concerned about a potential double chin?

>Belkyra is a simple injection that reduces fat cells and is often used to reduce a “double chin” or excess fat along the neck.

We’d love to help you put your best skin forward. Whatever your aesthetic vision, let us help you shape a treatment plan that is perfect for you!

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