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Microfocused Ultrasound Lifting is a single, non-invasive procedure cleared by Health Canada to lift and tighten lax skin. It uses ultrasound technology as a painless, non-invasive method of using sound waves to scan internal tissues. When the device is passed over the skin, it transmits harmless high-frequency sound waves into the body. With this information, the robust computer software is able to create flat and three-dimensional images that show the technician the layers of skin, muscle, fat, and bone. With this information, the laser technician is able to deliver the energy with precision to optimize results for each concern.

When the sound waves penetrate at a precise depths,  they trigger a thermal reaction – heating deep tissue. This reaction stimulates the body’s natural healing processes, stimulating the production of collagen in treated areas. Collagen is a meshwork of fibrous proteins that thickens and tightens skin from the inside. This natural skin tightening smooths lines and brings lift to facial features, from the brow to chin, neck, and décolletage. 

The Microfocused Ultrasound Lifting technology is sophisticated in that it reaches the deeper skin layers at a controlled, optimal temperature, resulting in a lift that no other laser can.  Collagen contracture occurs while the procedure is being performed, which results in subtle but immediate improvement in the appearance of treated skin. Enhancement continues for up to two to three months as the body responds to thermal injury in deep tissue layers by producing fresh collagen fibres for a facelift-type effect. 

Treatment length depends on the area being treated, but are generally 90 minutes long. Patients may be prescribed something to maximize their comfort during the treatment,  and ice packs may be applied to cool the skin afterwards. Some patients experience redness, stinging, bruising, or unusual skin sensations, but these side effects typically resolve quickly. Otherwise, there is no downtime or limitations on post-procedure activity, and you may wear makeup right away. Generally, only ONE treatment is needed.

Daily sun protection and quality skin care products are essential to maintaining Microfocused Ultrasound Lifting results. However, collagen fibres have a lifespan of about five years. As they break down, skin laxity begins to return. Periodic re-treatment – small touch-up sessions – keep skin looking taut and refreshed. 

Microfocused Ultrasound Lifting is effective in treating the following concerns: